Doc.6 GBAの仕様について(I/Oレジスタ)





I/O Map

The base address for GBA I/O ports is 04000000h - 
all address below are actually meant to be locat ed at 04000NNNh in memory rather than at NNNh.
LCD I/O Registers

000h       R/W  DISPCNT   LCD Control
002h       R/W  -         Undocumented - Green Swap
004h       R/W  DISPSTAT  General LCD Status (STAT,LYC)
006h       R    VCOUNT    Vertical Counter (LY)
008h       R/W  BG0CNT    BG0 Control
00Ah       R/W  BG1CNT    BG1 Control
00Ch       R/W  BG2CNT    BG2 Control
00Eh       R/W  BG3CNT    BG3 Control
010h       W    BG0HOFS   BG0 X-Offset
012h       W    BG0VOFS   BG0 Y-Offset
014h       W    BG1HOFS   BG1 X-Offset
016h       W    BG1VOFS   BG1 Y-Offset
018h       W    BG2HOFS   BG2 X-Offset
01Ah       W    BG2VOFS   BG2 Y-Offset
01Ch       W    BG3HOFS   BG3 X-Offset
01Eh       W    BG3VOFS   BG3 Y-Offset
020h       W    BG2PA     BG2 Rotation/Scaling Parameter A (dx)
022h       W    BG2PB     BG2 Rotation/Scaling Parameter B (dmx)
024h       W    BG2PC     BG2 Rotation/Scaling Parameter C (dy)
026h       W    BG2PD     BG2 Rotation/Scaling Parameter D (dmy)
028h-02Ah  W    BG2X      BG2 Reference Point X-Coordinate
02Ch-02Eh  W    BG2Y      BG2 Reference Point Y-Coordinate
030h       W    BG3PA     BG3 Rotation/Scaling Parameter A (dx)
032h       W    BG3PB     BG3 Rotation/Scaling Parameter B (dmx)
034h       W    BG3PC     BG3 Rotation/Scaling Parameter C (dy)
036h       W    BG3PD     BG3 Rotation/Scaling Parameter D (dmy)
038h-03Ah  W    BG3X      BG3 Reference Point X-Coordinate
03Ch-03Eh  W    BG3Y      BG3 Reference Point Y-Coordinate
040h       W    WIN0H     Window 0 Horizontal Dimensions
042h       W    WIN1H     Window 1 Horizontal Dimensions
044h       W    WIN0V     Window 0 Vertical Dimensions
046h       W    WIN1V     Window 1 Vertical Dimensions
048h       R/W  WININ     Control Inside of Window(s)
04Ah       R/W  WINOUT    Control Outside of Windows & Inside of OBJ Window
04Ch       W    MOSAIC    Mosaic Size
04Eh       -    -         Not used
050h       R/W  BLDCNT    Color Special Effects Selection   (formerly BLDMOD)
052h       W    BLDALPHA  Alpha Blending Coefficients        (formerly COLEV)
054h       W    BLDY      Brightness (Fade-In/Out) Coefficient(formerly COLY)
056h-05Eh  -    -         Not used
Sound Registers

060h     R/W  SOUND1CNT_L Channel 1 Sweep register       (SG10_L)(NR10)
062h     R/W  SOUND1CNT_H Channel 1 Duty/Length/Envelope (SG10_H)(NR11, NR12)
064h     R/W  SOUND1CNT_X Channel 1 Frequency/Control    (SG11)  (NR13, NR14)
066h     -    -           Not used                        -
068h     R/W  SOUND2CNT_L Channel 2 Duty/Length/Envelope (SG20)  (NR21, NR22)
06Ah     -    -           Not used                        -
06Ch     R/W  SOUND2CNT_H Channel 2 Frequency/Control    (SG21)  (NR23, NR24)
06Eh     -    -           Not used                        -
070h     R/W  SOUND3CNT_L Channel 3 Stop/Wave RAM select (SG30_L)(NR30)
072h     R/W  SOUND3CNT_H Channel 3 Length/Volume        (SG30_H)(NR31, NR32)
074h     R/W  SOUND3CNT_X Channel 3 Frequency/Control    (SG31)  (NR33, NR34)
076h     -    -           Not used                        -
078h     R/W  SOUND4CNT_L Channel 4 Length/Envelope      (SG40)  (NR41, NR42)
07Ah     -    -           Not used                        -
07Ch     R/W  SOUND4CNT_H Channel 4 Frequency/Control    (SG41)  (NR43, NR44)
07Eh     -    -           Not used                        -
080h     R/W  SOUNDCNT_L  Control Stereo/Volume/Enable (SGCNT0_L)(NR50, NR51)
082h     R/W  SOUNDCNT_H  Control Mixing/DMA Control   (SGCNT0_H)
084h     R/W  SOUNDCNT_X  Control Sound on/off         (SGCNT1)  (NR52)
086h     -    -           Not used
088h     BIOS SOUNDBIAS   Sound PWM Control            (SG_BIAS)
08Ah-08Eh  -    -         Not used
090h-09Eh  R/W  WAVE_RAM  Channel 3 Wave Pattern RAM (2 banks!!) (SGWR)
0A0h-0A2h  W    FIFO_A    Channel A FIFO, Data 0-3 (SGFIFOA)
0A4h-0A6h  W    FIFO_B    Channel B FIFO, Data 0-3 (SGFIFOB)
0A8h-0AEh  -    -         Not used
DMA Transfer Channels

0B0h-0B2h  W    DMA0SAD   DMA 0 Source Address
0B4h-0B6h  W    DMA0DAD   DMA 0 Destination Address
0B8h       W    DMA0CNT_L DMA 0 Word Count
0BAh       R/W  DMA0CNT_H DMA 0 Control
0BCh-0BEh  W    DMA1SAD   DMA 1 Source Address
0C0h-0C2h  W    DMA1DAD   DMA 1 Destination Address
0C4h       W    DMA1CNT_L DMA 1 Word Count
0C6h       R/W  DMA1CNT_H DMA 1 Control
0C8h-0CAh  W    DMA2SAD   DMA 2 Source Address
0CCh-0CEh  W    DMA2DAD   DMA 2 Destination Address
0D0h       W    DMA2CNT_L DMA 2 Word Count
0D2h       R/W  DMA2CNT_H DMA 2 Control
0D4h-0D6h  W    DMA3SAD   DMA 3 Source Address
0D8h-0DAh  W    DMA3DAD   DMA 3 Destination Address
0DCh       W    DMA3CNT_L DMA 3 Word Count
0DEh       R/W  DMA3CNT_H DMA 3 Control
0E0h-0FEh  -    -         Not used
Timer Registers

100h       R/W  TM0CNT_L  Timer 0 Counter/Reload (formerly TM0D)
102h       R/W  TM0CNT_H  Timer 0 Control        (formerly TM0CNT)
104h       R/W  TM1CNT_L  Timer 1 Counter/Reload (formerly TM1D)
106h       R/W  TM1CNT_H  Timer 1 Control        (formerly TM1CNT)
108h       R/W  TM2CNT_L  Timer 2 Counter/Reload (formerly TM2D)
10Ah       R/W  TM2CNT_H  Timer 2 Control        (formerly TM2CNT)
10Ch       R/W  TM3CNT_L  Timer 3 Counter/Reload (formerly TM3D)
10Eh       R/W  TM3CNT_H  Timer 3 Control        (formerly TM3CNT)
110h-11Eh  -    -         Not used
Serial Communication (1)

120h-122h  R/W  SIODATA32 SIO Data (Normal-32bit Mode) (shared with below!)
120h       R/W  SIOMULTI0 SIO Data 0 (Parent)    (Multi-Player Mode) (SCD0)
122h       R/W  SIOMULTI1 SIO Data 1 (1st Child) (Multi-Player Mode) (SCD1)
124h       R/W  SIOMULTI2 SIO Data 2 (2nd Child) (Multi-Player Mode) (SCD2)
126h       R/W  SIOMULTI3 SIO Data 3 (3rd Child) (Multi-Player Mode) (SCD3)
128h       R/W  SIOCNT    SIO Control Register                    (SCCNT_L)
12Ah       R/W  SIOMLT_SEND SIO Data (Local of Multi-Player) (shared below)
12Ah       R/W  SIODATA8  SIO Data (Normal-8bit and UART Mode)    (SCCNT_H)
12Ch-12Eh  -    -         Not used
Keypad Input

130h       R    KEYINPUT  Key Status            (formerly P1)
132h       R/W  KEYCNT    Key Interrupt Control (formerly P1CNT)
Serial Communication (2)

134h       R/W  RCNT      SIO Mode Select/General Purpose Data (formerly R)
136h       -    IR        Ancient - Infrared Register (Prototypes only)
138h-13Eh  -    -         Not used
140h       R/W  JOYCNT    SIO JOY Bus Control         (formerly HS_CTRL)
142h-14Eh  -    -         Not used
150h-152h  R/W  JOY_RECV  SIO JOY Bus Receive Data    (formerly JOYRE)
154h-156h  R/W  JOY_TRANS SIO JOY Bus Transmit Data   (formerly JOYTR)
158h       R/?  JOYSTAT   SIO JOY Bus Receive Status  (formerly JSTAT)
15Ah-1FEh  -    -         Not used
Interrupt, Waitstate, and Power-Down Control

200h       R/W  IE        Interrupt Enable Register
202h       R/W  IF        Interrupt Request Flags / IRQ Acknowledge
204h       R/W  WAITCNT   Game Pak Waitstate Control (formerly WSCNT)
206h       -    -         Not used
208h       R/W  IME       Interrupt Master Enable Register
20Ah-2FFh  -    -         Not used
300h       R/W  HALTCNT   Undocumented - Power Down Control
302h-40Fh  -    -         Not used
410h       ?    ?         Undocumented - Purpose Unknown ??? 0FFh
411h-7FFh  -    -         Not used
800h-802h  R/W  ?         Undocumented - Internal Memory Control (R/W)
804h-FFFFh -    -         Not used

エミュレータでは「Tools -> IO Viewer」で参照可能です。リアルタイムで変更できたりします。



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